Kindle Giveaway

Only 10 more to go.  When the Facebook “Jew Face” page gets to 150 likes someone will win a Kindle version of the book.  Here’s how it will work.  First I will pick a letter from A-Z.  Once I do that I will pick a corresponding number for each person who has liked the page whose name starts with that letter.  So for example, in the first round if I pick the letter A, only someone whose name starts with A will have the chance to win.  As of right now there are 11 people who have “Liked” the page whose name starts with A.  If that would be the number when reaching 150 Likes I will put the numbers 1-11 in a hat and the name that corresponds alphabetically with the number I pick will be the winner.  There are 2 rules.  The first rule is that the person who wins must allow me to mention their name as the winner on the site and on the page so that everyone knows a winner was indeed chosen.  The second rule is that an email must be provided by the winner in order to send the Kindle version of the book.  The winner may choose to give the book as a gift as long as the proper email to send it to is provided.  Only 10 more to go!  Once this milestone is reached there will be another one set for a future giveaway.  Good luck to everyone and tell your friends about the page and of course the book!

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