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Another special review of the book

The following is a wonderfully written review of the book Jew Face written by my friend Tessa Henry.  Thank you Tessa for your beautiful words.

Survival is probably the strongest and most primal of all human instincts. It is used and misused to justify so much. The most heinous and amoral behaviors are explained by “it’s a fight for our very survival”, as once again, it’s a primal instinct we can all relate to. So what does one do when confronted by the epitome of evil? When your very existence…MORE

Where Politics has no meaning











When I stopped and realized that I had not made a new post in 3 days, the first thing I wondered was if anyone had noticed I had been a bit lazy.  Once I got that thought out of my head a new thought came to me which I decided to share on here.   It has to do with politics.  Or the lack thereof on this site and in reaction to this site and the book Jew Face.  I need to reference Facebook because it is there where it is often revealed who is Liberal and who is Conservative.  So many have their issues they feel passionately about and on occasion they will express those views with an intensity that might be seen as harsh to some.  What strikes me, and entirely in a positive way, is that when it comes to the subjects discussed on here, such as the Holocaust, survival, and the war on hatred and Holocaust denial, there are only positive responses.  This does not surprise me in the least.  What it does is highlight the fact that two people can disagree passionately on important social and economic issues and still be equally decent and caring towards their fellow-man.  Social media has its flaws, but it also has the capability of revealing the common good in man regardless of their political viewpoints.  Hopefully it will also help people choose their friends based on their actions, not on their political opinions.