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When Sports becomes real

Occasionally I will post a sports story on Holland’s Heroes. I generally do this because of a specific interest I have in the event or a team playing. The one common denominator in any of my sports related posts is the fact that the sports story is a fun distraction or diversion from the seriousness of reality. Sadly, due to the tragic events that unfolded last night surrounding Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin, today is the exception that proves the rule.

After making a tackle in last nights NFL Matchup between the Cincinnati Bengals and Buffalo Bills, 24 year old Hamlin went into cardiac arrest. They were able to restore a heartbeat on the field, but as he is still in critical condition, no one knows as of the time I am writing this piece to what extent he will recover, if at all. I always say that I love sports because while I put so much emotion into cheering on the players and teams that I love, when my team loses it takes very little time to move on, and sometimes even laugh about it. As important as it feels the moment your team wins or loses, in the scheme of life there are so many things that matter more. No matter how much good sports can be part of and how much joy it can bring, sports is still ultimately just the playing of games. So when Damar Hamlin collapsed on the football field after going into cardiac arrest and still for all intents and purposes is fighting for his life, what had the potential of being the best game of the year, turned into a terrifying reality for a young man, his family, teammates, closest friends and that very special fanbase known as Bills Mafia.

For fans like me, a big fan of the NFL yet someone who didn’t even know his name till last night, it became a story that left the fantasy world of sports and moved to a harsh and frightening reality. This was no longer a distraction or a diversion. This is now a tragic story, one we can only hope and pray gets better.

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Israel Never did this..And never will








It’s Sunday, I love Football and I am preparing my Fantasy Football squad, but I saw something that angered me so much I was compelled to post it now.  I clicked something titled, “Ever wonder what the past looked like in color”.  The first picture was this picture. It is an 18-year-old Jewish Russian girl the day Dachau Concentration Camp was liberated. I challenge all those anti-Semites who draw comparisons of Israel’s actions in Gaza to the Nazi’s treatment of the Jews to find me one, ONE 18-year-old Palestinian girl who was put through anything close to what this poor girl was put through.  Don’t bother.  You won’t find it and never will.  It’s another example of how the truth is secondary to hatred of Israel and the Jews and how for some bizarre reason people believe things even when they are clearly lies.



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