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The Reality of World War III

Hamas-in-private-jet-e1405339215100Let’s be honest.  World War III is already under way.  Since we are in the beginning stages there is no comparison as of yet to the first 2 wars that took millions of lives, but inasmuch as it is spreading and infecting the entire planet, this is a battle of global magnitude.

Everyone who knows me even somewhat knows that I am not a racist or bigot. It goes against everything  I believe in to target one group of people. As the son of Holocaust survivors I find the persecution or targeting of any group to be as abhorrent as any other crime.  I get no pleasure in the suffering of innocent people even if they are part of a society committing acts of evil. Indiscriminate murders,  acts of terror and the killing of innocents is the behavior of all types of people from all societies and from various walks of life.  Nevertheless, whether they want to admit it or not and despite their efforts to justify it, the Muslim world can not deny that the source of most civil unrest, acts of aggression, and terrorist activity are from within Muslim societies and nations.  Let me repeat my personal sentiment.  Attacking one group of people is contrary to my basic belief system.   With that said, I believe the masses within these societies are victims as well.  They are pawns and weapons in the war against civilization.  An uprising within their midst may be the only thing that ultimately stands in the way of the death of millions, of which they will be included.

I don’t truly believe Islam is to blame.  When you see Hamas leadership laughing it up on a private jet while Gaza gets bombed you realize that these leaders are no different from any other self-serving tyrants and murderers throughout the ages.  They are in it for power and fortune and use their religion as a sickening way to rally the masses towards their way of thinking.  The evil they commit against their own people is almost, if not as bad as the evil they commit against their so-called enemies.

If we don’t call it what it is,  it will never get better.  As difficult as that is, I truly believe we have no other choice.

Is it Immoral if they think they are Right?

Hamas-supporters-via-AFPQuick answer: morality in our eyes is not subjective, so therefore there is a clear distinction between right and wrong.  During a recent conversation with my brother regarding the ongoing hostilities between Israel and Hamas in Gaza, my brother made a statement that for me summed up the current situation as well as any statement  I’ve heard or read till now.  “Those who are attempting to keep a scorecard between Israel and Hamas have lost their moral compass.” He went on to say, “no country on earth should have to live under a constant barrage of missiles.”  Although I agreed with him 100%, there was one aspect of the conversation that gnawed at my brain the remainder of the day.  What exactly is morality?

1-a particular system of values and principles of conduct, especially one held by a specified person or society

2-the extent to which an action is right or wrong.

So yes, to many of us who will read this, there is no question that the actions of our enemies is wrong, therefore immoral.  I’ll go as far as to say that the leadership that leads their people in these acts of aggression and terrorism also know that their actions are immoral and wrong.  But people do what is wrong for personal gain every day in all parts of the world.  The problem is, the one I consider to be the biggest problem facing us, is not in the leadership and their mentality.  They could be eliminated much easier than the loyal followers they have created.  The problem lies in the indoctrination of the masses and the fact that they have rallied around a manipulation of philosophies within Islam to influences millions towards a different morality.  They have not actually lost their moral compass, they have done something far more sinister.  They’ve reinvented it.

All parties that want a solution agree that a re-education is needed.  What many do not agree on is how to conduct and start that re-education.  But if we do not accept that this different morality exists and search for answers, we may be completely overrun by it with very tragic results.

Why I do this and Why You should too

holocaustOn occasion as I sit in front of a computer opining, I stop and consider the fact that there are friends and even family members who ask themselves, what is David doing?  Shouldn’t he be spending more time working?  Is he just looking for attention?  Does he really believe he is making a difference?

I have answers to all those questions, and I am comfortable with my choices, but I am more than aware that those questions are in the minds of some and need to addressed.  I do so however not so much for my personal satisfaction but to make the point of how getting involved is something we all need to do.

A few days ago I sent an email to the Secretary General of the United Nations concerning the United Nations traditional and existing anti-Israel stance and lack of concern for the well-being of the Jewish people worldwide.  That very sentence could be misinterpreted as delusional self-importance.  However, I did not write the letter with some any degree of expectation.  I would not be surprised if no one reads it, let alone the Secretary General, and if by some miracle someone does, I doubt they will care.  So why did I bother?

I will share with you some comments I received when  I posted the letter on Facebook.  The comments will remain anonymous in this post, but will of course be recognizable to anyone who is in that particular group.

“Good you take what action you can! I hope we all follow your lead and write, email, call, express, encourage, confront, support ourselves and the nation of Israel. Silence is inappropriate our people need us.”

“Bravo David Groen! We Need More People like you, that speak up!”

“Thank you for sharing. Heartfelt and really an important thing we can all do and should.”

People generally like compliments and accolades, and although I am no exception, my motivation is less personally motivated than probably anything I have ever done in my lifetime.  I do what I do for me, but the fact is, and this is what makes this so important, I do not do it only for me.  I do it for the Jewish people.  I am aware that I am merely one drop of water in a huge ocean, but resistance to evil needs to be fought on many fronts and with a cohesive understanding of the ultimate goal.  I am just one small person fighting on one of the fronts.

I am the son of Holocaust survivors.  My father’s parents, younger sister & husband were murdered by the Nazis.  My mother’s father and younger and only brother were also victims of the Holocaust.  Both of them lost numerous friends and relatives during the Nazi occupation of Holland.  My father’s parents, Leendert and Maryan Groen were presented with the opportunity to get baptismal papers in order to provide them with the possibility of being seen as non-Jewish so that they would have some hope of survival.  Leendert refused basically stating that he was born a Jew and would die a Jew, and that in his eyes to pretend otherwise was to forsake his covenant with God.  That was the sacrifice my grandfather made.  He sacrificed his life to declare himself a Jew.

So what is it that I am doing?  Nothing compared to what others did before me.  Giving up time from work? Hardly the ultimate sacrifice.  If I am making less money so that I can somehow give some extra encouragement and strength to others than what sacrifice am I making?  If my work motivates others to speak up and build a resistance against evil then what I do does matter.

The ripple effect matters more than we may realize because in many ways it is what we are actually up against.  The evil forces within Islam, and I said within Islam not of Islam, that want to take over the world and will kill anyone in their way, are attempting a worldwide revolution.  Part of this revolution is through ripple effect.  I support Israel 100% in doing anything that needs to be done to protect the Jewish people, but I also know that the ultimate battle extends far beyond its borders.

As a student of the Holocaust I have come to a very sobering conclusion.  The lessons I have learned from my parents and from others regarding that devastating time not only in Jewish but in World history are lessons that need to be given practical application today.  We are no longer dealing with theory of what if a group once again wants to see our destruction?  We are once again up against an enemy that wants us wiped off the face of the planet.  If any of us who know the history turn a blind eye to what is happening or try to wait it out patiently, we will be making a tragic mistake. I respect those who hold out hope that the world can be a peaceful utopia. I too hope that it can be.  But we are not living in a world leaning in that direction and to allow our hope to overshadow our realism will only hasten our demise.

There is a time to hope and there is a time to fight.  Right now is the time to fight, any way we know how.

The Last Seder?

mealDespite my own personal ideological struggles, I am a Jew who believes in the philosophies of Judaism before I believe in those of any other religion.  However, I do feel that now maybe more than any time in history the alliance between Christians and Jews has never been more important.  The rise of Islam, a rise that in many places preaches only Islam, has put the concept of freedom of religion in more danger than any time in modern history.  With that in mind I am making a short post to discuss, and hopefully create a discussion regarding the connection between Passover and Easter.

I often say, only partially tongue in cheek, that there are 2 major differences between Christianity and Judaism.  One is that while Christians are awaiting the 2nd coming, us Jews are still awaiting the 1st.  Either way we are still awaiting the supposed Messiah or Messianic era.  The second difference would be the disagreement over who is the best Jew of all time.  There would be some discussion on the matter, but as a Jew I would put in my vote for Moses, and I would be surprised if I didn’t end up backing the winner.  Christians however, even if they have a fondness for Moses, clearly would pick Jesus.

It is widely believed that “The last supper” was actually a Passover Seder.  Seeing the apparent time of year and the fact that a group got together around the table for discussion, there is much credence to this belief.  Ultimately, those who believe in the Messiah coming in a mystical, ultra spiritual way would see the events celebrated by Christians as a realistic method for the savior to be revealed.  Us Jews however do not believe that has actually taken place.  However, if either belief causes people to behave in ways of peace, love and tolerance, they help the world far more than hurt the world.

What are your thoughts?