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From De Niro to Iranian Soccer Fans: Support for Israel Does Exist









Supporter of the Jewish people and Israel are like the salesperson who produces.  If you don’t recognize the achievement it might not happen as often.   Thank you Robert De Niro and to this  random bunch of Iranian soccer fans at FIFA World Cup 2014 in Brasil.  What’s your favorite pro-Israel and or pro-Jewish display?

Let’s hope these guys don’t get hurt for being decent human beings.









This article originally published by the Jewish Daily Forward   http://forward.com/articles/181701/barcelona-soccer-star-lionel-messi-visits-western/     shows what a high-profile superstar looks like when his moral compass is facing in the right direction.  Lionel Messi preaches peace and football.  He is the sports version of Paul McCartney and someone  to be looked up to.  Let there be no question about that.  In fact, I like him so much I won’t even mind if he wins the FIFA 2014 World Cup for his country Argentina.  Unless they face the Netherlands again.