What would your lost loved ones have said about our world today?


I am sure I am not alone in trying to imagine what a lost loved one would have said during this unprecedented time.  We all have loved ones we’ve lost and I have no doubt that I am not alone in imagining what opinions or advice my parents would have offered if they were alive today.  In an effort to start a conversation I am going to throw that question out there. What would your departed loves ones say today? What words of wisdom would they have offered. I will start by offering what I think my mother and father would have said, fully knowing that I have siblings and nephews and nieces that may not agree with me. They are more than welcome to offer their opinions, whether they agree with me or not.

I believe my Dad would have referred back to the 2 words he would often use as advice in trying times.  Patience and faith. Using the Hebrew words, Savlanut Oo’beetachone, he would speak to the need for patience, understanding from his experience and wisdom that part of getting through something is patiently waiting for the moment in which you are able to act. Faith was something my father often referred back to, having kept it through the worst of times he knew how it could help people on an individual and communal level.

I believe my mother’s focus would have been on how people treat each other and how people need to be smarter with their approach.  My mother put great value on love and decency, and as those who know her would attest to, backing up her words with her actions.  In  many ways she had an idealism about people being nicer to each other and never lost hope that would happen. She would however often lose patience with stupidity and called it out when she saw it, finding it more important to make people aware of what she saw than being worried about what people thought of that opinion. And she was correct often enough to make people listen carefully when she spoke.

So now that I’ve shared my parents’ opinion I hope I look forward to hearing from you what you think your lost loved ones would have said today.

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