With such important lessons to learn, the world has been given the time to learn them.



A short time  ago a good person I know posted these words on Facebook regarding the current crisis caused by the Coronavirus. “I have never seen anything like this in my lifetime”. Well the truth is that none of us ever have.  What the entire planet is experiencing is unlike anything anyone alive today has ever seen.  As bad as it is on so many levels, I can’t stop but think that in some ways it was inevitable.

Despite what some of the words I am about to write might imply, I am an extremely  positive person.  I spend my life looking at the bright side of things, giving people the benefit of the doubt, and far more often than not I find myself to be an optimist. However, being a thinker and observer I see a lot of what is wrong in the world.  The bigotry, greed and selfishness around the globe, things we often aspire to what we call human nature, are already indications of how the human race needs improvement.  However they all pale in comparison to the worst things prevalent on our planet.  Hatred, killing, and war. Even the decent among us, the vast majority who do not hate or kill, are at best powerless against the forces of evil.  Others are at worst complicit.  We either go through our days working to keep the negative out of our lives, or we pray to God for protection, and in many cases an ultimate redemption for the planet earth.  But make no mistake.  The fact that the world has been a mess for quite some time is far from a mystery to most thinking people, and in many ways it would not be far fetched if we thought for some time that eventually something had to give.

Regardless of how the Coronavirus started, if the world was as all decent people would have it be, void of hatred and killing and rich with concern for the well-being of others, a combination of the the global cooperation and resources available would have made this crisis far more manageable.  But a world where so many are distracted by their hatred or distaste for someone based on their religion, nationality, color, sexual orientation, financial worth or any other ridiculous reason, finds us in a world where we have mastered fighting, but struggle with curing.  I am not saying we deserve what is happening, partially because I would have no right to make that type of judgment and because so many of the innocent will suffer, but I do look at this and hope that when the dust settles and the world resets itself, all of us learn the lessons we need to learn.

Our world tends to call the hope that people will recognize the need for love and understanding to be idealistic nonsense.  That generosity and patience is nice in theory but to expect it from people is naive innocence, or even worse, childish stupidity. We are made to believe that looking at all human beings as equally important is nothing more than weak ignorance.  We are told that is just not the way the world works.  So to that I ask the following question.  Is this world working now?  Could the entire world have been brought to its proverbial knees if we all saw each other as human beings rather than segmented creatures divided by borders, ideologies and physical features?

I believe if we were getting it right in the first place, it would not be going so wrong today.  I often call myself a citizen of the world, and seeing as I am genuine when I say it, by definition I believe that everyone else on the planet is as well.  To feel that way we all need to learn and understand, and I mean understand to our very core, that we all are born and we will all die. We all need oxygen to breath and food to fuel our bodies.  We all bleed red blood and are on this earth for a reason, be it a small one or a substantial one.  The time has come for us to learn this if we are to survive and thrive as an entity in the universe.  That is more than just an opinion.  With the world coming to a halt, with more human beings’ lives shut down than probably any time in earth’s history, people have time to reflect, to think, and hopefully to learn the right way to treat their fellow man. We are truly being given the time to learn. Let’s use it wisely.

People will never be perfect.  That is an unfair expectation.  But with a disease that does not discriminate in any way, shape or form, maybe people will start to understand deep in their hearts that when it comes down to it we truly are all the same.

Like I said, I am a positive person and more often than not, an optimist.  I believe the human race is capable of coming around to the right place.  I have faith in humanity.  Why? Because when it comes down to it we really are all the same and we all want a world that works.  Imagine how much hardship we could overcome if we actually did it together and for each other, rather than battle each other for dominance. That’s the kind of world we should all want. Maybe the lessons we learn now will teach us how to make that world come to fruition.  Maybe once and for all the human race will get it right.






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