Open Letter to My Fellow Jew












Dear Friends,

I write this letter out of concern for our well-being.  There is a great division growing within our people. We have always been somewhat at odds with each other when it comes to religious observance, something that is still an issue, but of greater significance today is the schism in political viewpoints and the general direction in which our people will not only move forward, but survive.

I call myself a citizen of the world.  I see all people as being equal.  That being said, I have a tremendous pride and love for what I am and where I come from.  I love the Jewish people with all my heart and soul and want to see us thrive in a safe and prosperous world.  This feeling, one shared by so many others, is what drives my political viewpoints.  I am quite certain that there are countless more of my fellow Jews whose love of their people also drive their political opinion, be it identical or very different from mine.

I am very passionate about my views.  I believe, as I am sure so many of you do as well, that there is a tremendous amount at stake at this moment in time.  And like so many of you, I believe my views are the correct ones.  If I did not, I would not hold them.  If I did not, I would not passionately speak them. To me, as I am sure it is to many of you, this is not about me being heard or having intellectual discourse.  To me this is about survival.

We do not have to agree with the method, but we must always remember to agree with the goal.  We must make a concerted effort not to fight among ourselves because as we know all to well, there are plenty of people out there who are more than happy to fight us, hurt us, and kill us.

We must not fall victim to the devious methods and strategies of our enemies.  We must support the one Jewish government in the world and show respect for it leaders whether they hold the views we do or not.  No matter how much one might feel a strategy of an Israeli leader is counterproductive, it is far more counterproductive to work against him.  Please remember one extremely important fact.  Our enemies have always worked against Israel’s leaders, be they left-wing or right-wing, and to believe that has suddenly changed is a potentially devastating and incorrect assumption.    I am not asking all of you to agree with Benjamin Netanyahu or even like him, but as long as he is the Prime Minister of Israel, I pray that you will support and respect him.

I end with one last message.  Next time you have reason to be angry at one of your fellow Jews over a difference of opinion, take a step back and realize that with our unity we get strong and with our division we get weak.  If you are angry and wish to fight, fight those who wish to truly harm you. Debate your fellow Jew but do so with respect and kindness.  Investigate and identify who your enemies are, and when you do you may come to the conclusion that your enemy is not your fellow Jew who disagrees with you.  I for one certainly hope that you do come to that conclusion.

I wish you all well.


David Groen





2 responses to “Open Letter to My Fellow Jew

  • recruitinganimal

    Dave, you don’t explain what you mean when you say we should support and respect someone we disagree with profoundly.

    What about bigots? Should we respect them? No.

    Should we tolerate them? What does that mean? Probably that we should be civil in our public disagreement but that is the limit of respect required.

    Support them? It depends what they are doing. No moral person should support a leader who is doing something wrong.

    And I’m sure that you are not telling us to do that.

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