Open Letter to Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi












Dear Congresswoman Pelosi,

For much of the day I debated whether or not to write this letter, but since I had difficulty purging my mind of your earlier histrionics I felt I had no other choice.  The histrionics I am referring to were the disrespectful and unprofessional reactions you displayed during Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech.  You went on to insult the Prime Minister further by making a point to leave the chamber before he did and then issued a statement that included the following comments.

I was near tears throughout the Prime Minister’s speech – saddened by the insult to the intelligence of the United States as part of the P5 +1 nations, and saddened by the condescension toward our knowledge of the threat posed by Iran and our broader commitment to preventing nuclear proliferation.

Ms Pelosi, I ask of you the following.  Just imagine if the leader of a powerful nation had sat and negotiated with Adolph Hitler.  And then imagine if that same leader had determined that negotiations were not only the right approach, but that they were working as well.  Now imagine that this misguided approach empowered and gave extra time to an evil regime to establish itself and start a juggernaut of evil that would result in 60 million people dying as well as a genocide that would result in the murder of 6 millions Jews, and millions more people including Serbs, gypsies and homosexuals.

I won’t insult your intelligence, because I now see how sensitive you are to that, by presuming you do not already know my point and to when and whom I am referring.  One can have a long debate as to whether or not President Obama compares to Neville Chamberlain, but there certainly is no debating the fact that Iran’s intentions for the 6 million or so Jews living in Israel are basically identical to the intentions Hitler had, and sadly was successful in carrying out against the Jewish population of Europe.

I present to you this question.  With what is at stake for not only the State of Israel but the entire world, so what if Prime Minister Netanyahu did insult the intelligence of the United States?  Why exactly does this bother you so much?  And to be quite blunt, with so many members of Congress giving him a standing ovation and so many people respecting and appreciating what the Prime Minister said, do you truly believe you can speak for this country when making this claim?  I know of numerous people, very intelligent people who greatly appreciated this speech.  I am sure Congress consists of numerous people of above average intelligence and most of the one’s I saw watching his speech seemed anything but insulted.

I offer this statement as an answer to most of these queries.  In taking this stance against America’s most important and most loyal ally, elements within the Democratic Party did exactly what they claimed they objected to the most. They politicized the speech.  And what made it even worse, and may very well be some of the source of your consternation, is that it did not make those who opposed the speech with vigor look very good.  Seeing as you were one of those people, I can see how you would be upset.

I want you to know that this letter comes from a man who has voted Democrat far more often than he has voted Republican and from someone who voted for Barack Obama.  This is not a letter from a right-wing Conservative.  This is a letter from a Jewish American man who loves the State of Israel, loves the United States of America, and loves peace and freedom.  And this is a letter from a man who can not for the life of him understand why anyone who loves any of those three would be insulted by Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech.


David Groen






16 responses to “Open Letter to Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi

  • Margaret

    Their day will come, and I assure it want be a good one…

  • Denise

    With Obama at the helm ,we don’t need any help with making America look stupid. Obama does it every day.

  • Anthony Cavaliere

    Well said Nancy pelosi. Has finally lost her mind. Well said

  • Bruce Sanders

    Dear Ms. Pelosi,

    It is easy for you to smugly criticize Prime Minister Netanyahu and insult him and the State of Israel. You live the “California lifestyle,” far away from the threat of radical Islam, far away from Hezbollah, far away from Hamas rockets, far away from suicide bombers. You are the poster child for self-indulgent politicians, too accustomed to feeding from the public trough.

  • Steve S.

    Outstanding and thoughtful letter. Perhaps, as a fellow Jew, you may now opt to vote Republican as I have been doing the past couple of Presidential cycles. Our shared values of liberty, freedom and financial growth opportunities for all, as well as critically-needed support for the well-being of western civilization and Israel is now housed within today’s Republican party (I personally – and quite proudly – am a Tea Party person).

  • Elaine Dicken Lewis


  • sifter

    …because the Democratic Party of Hubert Humphrey that you and I grew to love is gone. Its dead. Replaced by something unrecognizable, distant from homespun American values. And it will get people killed.

  • Harvey Wine

    The progressive Democrats just continue their arrogance and condescension. If the platform of the Democratic party has to use 3 voice votes to ram down the throats of their constituents that they are in agreement that ” under God & Jerusalem is the capitol of Israel than they are the ones who need to take a good look in the miror as to what and who they represent.

  • Mr And Mrs Doug Franklin


    Very well said!!!
    We were appalled and disgusted by the way some of the Democratic Party, President Obama and Nancy Pelosi treated Prime Minister Netanyahu!!! What a total disgrace and slap in the face to the United States important friend and Ally!!!
    They are horrendous politicians!!!! Definitely do not put The United States and Israel’s best interest at heart!! Only their OWN AGENDA!!!

  • Denise

    Hitler made an alliance with Stalin, dictator of the Soviet Union, and then, he decided to attach the Soviet Union anyway. His words, his promises, his pact for an alliance, meant nothing; it was merely “lip service”. This is Iran. They will attack Israel, the USA, anyone they want, because Iran’s promise is like Hitler’s. All they know is killing and death, like the Nazis. Iran funds terrorists groups. They have lied before. “Actions speak louder than words” – words from genocidal maniacs. This, Nancy Pelosi should heed.

  • Ed Foster

    Mr. Netenyahu promised us that if we overthrew Sadmam Hussein, the Middle East would be a peaceful area of the world. He seemed quite sure that it would be the case, since Hussein was developing Nuclear weapons. He really knows what’s best for us. He convinced President Bush and his brilliant group of advisors. What is the plan B that he proposes, since he believes negotiations are a wrong move?

  • Shlomo Rifkind

    The only person guilty of insulting anyone’s intelligence, was Nancy Pelosi herself. She would have us believe that she was close to tears in frustration due to the intellectual insult Netanyahu spewed upon to her beloved US Congress. That is an obvious lie! Having said this, I do absolutely believe that she was close to tears (it was clearly obvious to all who observed her strange behavior) – however – the reason she was close to tears was not the PM’s supposed insult – but – the overwhelming and enthusiastic welcome and response that Congress greeted the Israeli leader’s thoughtful words of warning! For this she was frustrated to tears. And this puts her squarely on the wrong side of the moral divide.

  • robert

    What happened to the democrats – they used to be the good guys. While they’re in favor of free speech, it’s only if you agree with THEM! For those that were critical of BN, they should be ashamed of themselves. This is a close ally who was legally invited to speak to Congress. Pelosi- you are an abomination or should I say Obama-nation. Go home already. I’m tired of you and your colleagues. Your policies aren’t working no matter how much you lie about them. The country is circling the drain and if it goes, I hope you go first.

  • Esther Tarr

    She was an idiot from day one. Don’t know what her IQ is but I think she is tied with Joe Biden and Dick Cheney, the three stooges!

  • James Ohearne

    Pelosi is probably the second most unintelligent and immature person in Wahington next to the pretender to the throne, OBAMA. Her antics and Obama’s in relation to Bibi’ s speech juxopposed to BiBi’s demeanor, delivery, class and savoir faire only highlighted how absolutely bereft of professionalism, competence and leadership the American government is.I am not a Jew, and could be excused for not caring about Israel one way or another. However, the present threat has nothing to do with Jews only because they are merely first in line on the list of Islemic enemies and only a liberal or an intentionally blind man can not see that. I support BiBi and Israel and yes, I am a conservative.

  • Paula Mueda

    Totally agree with David Groen’s open letter to Nancy Pelosi. She is a disgrace to the US Congress!

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