Open Letter to Shirley Maclaine










Dear Shirley,

Your recent comments regarding the 6 million Jewish victims of the Holocaust in Europe were so ridiculous I originally chose to ignore them, but sadly like so many other idiots today you have an audience that actually cares what you say.  Therefore I am left with no other choice other than to address your most recent public display of insanity.

You asked the following question.  “What if most Holocaust victims were balancing their karma from ages before?”  I keep looking at this thinking I must be in some kind of twilight zone.  I won’t waste words asking you if you are out of your mind since the evidence supporting this is clear, but I will ask you this question. How dare you?  These weren’t 6 million fighting soldiers killed. These were regular people. Innocent people.  Not just young strong men but the elderly, the sick, women and children.  My mother worked as a nurse in a Jewish hospital in Amsterdam and watched as the Nazis took sick people on gurneys and transported them to gas chambers.  Do you honestly believe that any decent force in the universe would cause this to happen as a means of balancing out karma?

Would you like to hear my theory?  Besides the fact that you are just plain bat-shit crazy, you are so distressed over your own life, so angry over wrongs you felt done to you over the years, and so scared to go after the bad people, that you decided to do what all modern-day cowards with deep inner pain and an audience do.  You went after the Jews. Let’s be real here.  Despite the claims people like you might make about the barbarism of the Jews and the government of Israel, your life is not in danger even after you desecrated the memory of 6 million murdered Jewish souls.  It is this understanding that emboldens fools such as yourself.  The knowledge that you can say anything to the Jews and not put your life in danger is what makes you “brave”.  Quite frankly, I am proud that we are like that and hope it never changes.  I also hold no hope that people such as yourself will ever understand that very fact about our nature proves how wrong you are about your karma theory.

In closing I have this piece of advice.  Either seek mental help or change your therapist, for whatever you are doing now isn’t working and the more you speak the more all sane people realize how out of your mind you truly are. Either that or you are actually a reincarnation of a buffoon.  Regardless, in the meantime it would be great if you would just shut up.

David Groen






10 responses to “Open Letter to Shirley Maclaine

  • ricklondonsyndication

    Given Ms. McClain’s philosophy, AIDS, crack etc babies had to have done some terribly horrific things between womb and maternity room to end up in the situation they did. This woman is a loon…..she should get help yesterday.

  • Liza Tilley

    if her theory is correct she deserves everything that’s coming her way.

  • MJ Lichterman

    May I suggest Ms.Maclaine accompany a group of pilgrims along their journey to Poland in April for enlightenment? Does she not read or had formal education? Ignorance IS curable, however stupid is forever. When I hear what comes out of her mouth I tend to think early dementia anyway.

  • Jan

    You cannot enlighten the mad and lunatics of the world. This woman is a lost cause. Better to lock her up in a mental institution for the rest of her life where she can have the company of others who tinks as she does .

  • Lila Cohen

    Shirley my girl, lets start from scratch…You were born innocent, what you chose to do with this as you aged was not Karma, it was free choice. From the little I know about Reincarnation and Karma, it is you who is fulfilling what you think you know. (whch from your stupid remarks) are the one making retribution. How can you equate Hitler’s craziness to the slaughter of 6 million Jews, God knows how many political, gypsies, priests and others were from the force of Karma. Shame on you. You really passed the line on this and if there is a Karma, I pity you

  • Vernon Devine

    Disappointed by your comments and hope you can rethink them.

  • Edie Cleveland

    It looks like karma in the form of her plastic surgeon has already caught up with Shirley. Her kooky beliefs used to be just amusing. Why do so many people get nasty as they get older? Is it senility? Whatever, it’s very sad when they compromise an interesting body of work with tasteless, idiotic comments.

  • Sherry Rosenstock

    Where can I read the Ms McClaines letter

  • Babamaman

    Her madness is costing her, her acting jobs. Poor poor woman you really have wasted your money on a charleton therapist. Now what will your karma be? I dread to think

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