On Thanksgiving, What I like and dont like about Turkey

Recep Tayyip Erdogan

Turkey 10














I must confess that I’ve been waiting about a month to write this post. As soon as I had the Thanksgiving holiday on my radar I admit I started thinking about turkey.  After all, with all due respect and apologies to the vegetarians out there, what is there not to like about turkey?

Well, with the world in upheavel and evil growing exponentially, it seems even the fun holiday of Thanksgiving is somewhat tainted for me this year.  Again I ask the question, what is there not to like about turkey?   Well as it relates to the country, not the bird, there actually are a number of things not to like about Turkey.  Unfortunately it has become impossible for me to answer that question without the image of Prime Minister Erdogan (pronounced Er-doh-wan)abee Hitler popping up in my head. There’s the alignment with Qatar, the fact that ISIS recruits flow through the country, the harassment of American servicemen, and of course the immense hatred the government has for Israel.  Put all this together and I don’t like Turkey, the country, much at all.

But I do enjoy turkey the bird, and I am off to have some with people I love. Hope all of you are doing the same.

Have a happy and healthy Thanksgiving.

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