Canadian shooting: What we know–and RATHER NOT know–a day later

NCIf you read CNN’s website today the title of this piece will sound very familiar to you.  It is almost identical to CNN’s article titled, Canadian shooting: What we know–and don’t know–a day later.”  I purposely used this title and made the adjustment I made to make some important points regarding the media’s approach and to a large degree the American government’s approach towards the shootings in Ottawa and the general global climate.

What we know is that many media outlets seem to go out of their way to find evidence that this is not an attack by a Muslim extremist.  CNN goes as far as saying that what we don’t know: “The gunman’s motive in Wednesday’s shooting”..and..“Why he changed his name to Michael Zehaf-Bibeau, but two sources told CNN that he converted to Islam.”  The article first said the following in the “What we know”  category: “Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper called the attacker a “terrorist.”

CNN would do well to listen to Prime Minister Harper.  The implication that he said this was a terrorist but that it might not be, is part of a bigger problem. That problem falls into the category of the things we would RATHER NOT know.

We would rather not know that we live in a world where danger potentially lurks around every corner.  We would rather not know that all types of people from all walks of life are being targeted for Muslim radicalization.  We would rather not know that hate is growing exponentially.  Not the type of hate people complain about on social media that involves saying nasty things about races because they have evil within their ranks, but serious and dangerous hate. The type of hate that drives people to murder others brutally and think it is a thing of honor.  And we would rather not know that the murder yesterday of Cpl. Nathan Cirillo was an act of a terrorist, but it was.  I am sure Stephen Harper wishes it wasn’t so, but as a real leader he knows that you lead people by telling them what is true, not what you think they want to hear.

CNN and others can continue to try to deny the truths until the end if they so desire, but I rather listen to the great Prime Minister of our great and strong neighbors to the north, the Canadian people.  The fact that they elected such a strong leader was not good luck, it was within character.  Canadians are strong and decent people, and part of their strength is in their willingness to accept the truth as it is, not spin it so people feel better now and suffer more later.  It would be like telling someone with Stage 4 cancer that they MIGHT have a tumor.  It’s not going to go away because you pretend it is not really there, but if you accept it and attack it, you have a far better chance for survival.

We don’t need to walk around scared, but we do need to accept reality.  Doing that might make the future a lot easier to handle.





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