We Can Make a Difference

Israeli-flagLast week when news broke of  CUNY’s Doctoral Students’ Council (DSC) intention to sneak through a resolution to boycott Israel at CUNY on a Friday night when many Jewish students and faculty could not make it to the meeting, many of us mobilized our resources. We wrote letters, contacted groups, sent letters, made phone calls and sent faxes to politicians, while spreading the word far and wide over social media.  By Sunday most of us had heard the good news that the vote had been delayed due to heavy debate from pro-Israel groups that showed up at the meeting in protest.

Did we have anything to do with this?  It’s almost impossible to measure, but there is a strong likelihood that something we did as a collective contributed to this mobilization.  By we I mean all of us together, supporters of Israel who used whatever resources we have to galvanize each other and be active in the goal of helping Israel to fight on her behalf.

To the cynics shaking their heads and saying we had nothing to do with it and we are just wasting our time, I say fine.  Just sit there, shake your heads and do nothing.  To all of you who did something I say this.  You DID something. Whether or not your efforts made a difference this time or not is not as important as the cumulative impact your efforts can make in future battles as well.  To those who might want to do something in future battles I urge you to see this as motivation.  This was one small battle won in a very large war.  But it sends a message.  Jewish people and supporters of Israel of all faiths fight back now, and they do so in increasingly large numbers.

Thank you everyone and let’s keep fighting for Israel!




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