9/11 Chronicles- Volume 3


A Letter from Ground Zero

On that morning I got up and went to work like every other morning. I had my breakfast, said good morning to some of my favorite faces, and innocently went about my business. I arrived at my office and was intending to do nothing more than work hard and earn my money. I liked my routine. It worked well for me and and only benefited the people around me. I was considered a good person by some and a bad person by none. For the most part I was living a very decent life. I hoped to keep it going for a long time. And then at 8:46 it all changed. By no means was I ready to die. I enjoyed my life and wished to keep it going for as long as I could. I was not someone who enjoyed danger or found it exciting. And I was very quick to move myself out of a high risk situation. Despite all that, I was not afraid to die. I accepted as part of what was meant to be.However, since I did die I wish to let you know a few things. I have gone somewhere so wonderful it can’t be adequately described. It is a place that the people who murdered me will never see. And the joy people will feel in celebrating my life will be so much more powerful and meaningful than any feeling these people will ever have in their existence of hatred, murder, and strife.When you and your murdering followers destroy themselves, they will be gone forever. They will leave nothing but shame and lies behind. But now that I am gone, my spirit is alive in the goodness of the many who must continue the fight and see it through to the intended outcome.The power and kindness of God is made clear by the fact that they were not successful. I was never terrorized. And now in my death I become immortalized and give strength to those I have left.Do not cry when you remember me, because I died happy. And do not cry because you miss me, for I will never be gone.

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