Thank You

111The month of July was the best month Holland’s Heroes ever had with 28,931 hits. Obviously the situation in Israel has made all of us more interested in showing our support for Israel and each other and has given us all a passionate desire to be involved in one way or another.  I would gladly go back to a less active blog and a peaceful Israel, but for now I intend to keep up the fight together with your help and participation.  I truly thank all of you who take the time to view my posts and will do my best to continue providing worthwhile reading and viewing.  Ironically the more popular the blog becomes, the more humble I feel.  I would love any suggestions you might have for making it better.

Let’s hope that God blesses the State of Israel and all the good people of this world with peace and tranquility very soon.

Thank you all again,



If you appreciate my writing, feel a connection to the Jewish people, or both, I urge you to read the book “Jew Face: A story of love and heroism in Nazi-occupied Holland”.  CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION.


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