Why Israel Doesn’t Take off the Gloves

Israeli-flagEven the most blatant liar portraying Israel as the brutal aggressor is aware that Israel is showing tremendous amounts of restraint. They just won’t say that publicly.  It doesn’t fit with the Public Relations smear campaign so central in their war strategy.  But let’s face it.  They know that if Israel really was targeting civilians and committing Genocide as they’re accused of doing, tens of thousands, maybe even hundreds of thousands of Palestinians would be dead by now.  So why does Israel show the restraint that it does?

Let’s examine what might happen if Israel took off the gloves and waged this current war without concern for civilian casualties. World opinion would be overwhelmingly against it, the United Nations would condemn it, enemies like Iran and Turkey would try to rally nations to destroy it, the United States administration would be shaky in its support, Israeli Soldiers would die, missiles would be fired at cities, anti-Semitic crimes and demonstrations would increase worldwide , and violent protests would increase in the West Bank. That’s what would happen if Israel took the gloves off, right?.  But wait just one second.  That is what is happening now.  So realistically we can conclude that the situation wouldn’t be much worse for Israel if it used the full extent of its force and wiped out significant portions of Gaza to achieve its objectives quicker and with a greater degree of success.  So why don’t they?  The answer lies in one word, morality.

It is the most infuriating irony of the past month that terms like “War Crimes” and titles like “Nazis” are being thrown around to describe Israel when the very facts being used to justify those terms are the very facts that destroy that argument.  Israel isn’t holding back for fear of consequences or for concern of world opinion.  What you would think Israel would endure if they weren’t showing restraint, is indeed what it is enduring while showing restraint.  That means that if put in a position where it has no choice but to take off the gloves, the blood of the civilians in Gaza won’t be on Israel’s hands, but on a world ignoring the truth that exists today. Instead of lauding and supporting Israel for showing respect for human life,  too many people with power are attacking it and obstructing it, behaviors that may at one point force Israel to intensify the operation to a point where tens of thousands do get killed.  If that happens, the hypocrites and the corrupt of today will be able to look back and see that they were the cause of the increasingly higher death toll, not Israel.  But that’s not what will happen.  Instead they will say what they are saying now, just with more passion and conviction.  Even if it isn’t genuine and honest.

One response to “Why Israel Doesn’t Take off the Gloves

  • solberg73

    Bravo. The powerful point you make in the middle of the piece occurred to me also, and I debated posting about it but declined, knowing I could never express it as well as you have. JS/Qadima, Israel

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