Howard the Magnificent:**BAD LANGUAGE WARNING**



This may be the best assessment of what the State of Israel and the Jewish people have endured and continue to endure today.  Thank you Howard Stern!!  Warning to those who don’t want to hear expletives, bad language is used, but the words spoken are wonderful.





2 responses to “Howard the Magnificent:**BAD LANGUAGE WARNING**

  • bernfeldfamily

    We all know what to expect from Howard so this is not surprising. He just says it like it is in his own colorful way.
    I’m stunned by many of the anti-Israel comments that people are writing on social media. We live in a time where all it takes are a few key strokes to find the truth based upon historical facts. Not only are the uninformed making complete fools of themselves but they also have their photos attached to their comments. It’s baffling that people allow themselves to be publically exposed to their own stupidity.

  • phil silverman

    Howard you are the best the Jewish people have been raked through the coals for every wrong in the world be it money clothes diamonds stock market etc—we were killed raped stolen from experimented on and the whole world knew but they did nothing to stop it—Now when we stand up and fight back they blame us NEVER AGAIN we fight go howard go israel

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