Were the Dutch the Targets?

malayA few days ago I posted how the Dutch Tweede Kamer (Second Chamber) voted to stops funding the Palestinian Authority with money that was going to terrorists in Israeli prisons.  Although there is no specific evidence as of yet to back up this theory, one must question whether or not the downing of the Malaysian Airliner yesterday over the Ukraine was a terrorist attack on a plane with over 150 Dutchmen.

Would it be hard to believe that the Dutch would be targeted by Muslim extremists less than 2 days after making such a powerful statement?  Surely it would not.  And in a part of the world governed more by anarchy than order, who would find it difficult to believe terrorists would be able to find the opportunity to infiltrate and attack from such a physically and politically convenient location.

In the world we live in today this is not such a far-fetched scenario.  I am not known to be a conspiracy theorist, but until we know exactly what happened, to disregard a collaboration of terrorist organizations would be an act of carelessness we can’t afford.

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