How Netanyahu’s Brilliant Leadership is Changing the Landscape

BiBi-2Anyone who has read anything I have written, particularly in the past 2 weeks will know that I am  not naive or blind when it comes to the force of evil against Israel and world opinion, often one in the same.  However, I have also watched in admiration as Israel has taken a tragic situation and not only taken constructive action but has simultaneously done a masterful job at Public Relations.  Does it matter? Honestly it is too soon to tell, but it is a promising sign when you see a Reuters Headline that reads, “Thousands of Gazans flee after Israeli warning.”

With Israeli Prime Minister communicating with world leaders and outlining the Hamas strategy of “using their civilians to protect their missiles”, he has made it very difficult for those who claim to be neutral to oppose Israel’s operation into Gaza.  The world is also hearing how Israel is allowing emergency supplies, including blood for injured civilians into Gaza from its border.  Doesn’t do much to back the claim of Abbas that this is the same as Hitler’s genocide of the Jewish people during Nazi rule.

As I said earlier, I am not naive, but during a time where we’ve had mostly bad news, this may be a promising sign of better times ahead.


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