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9781468573909_COVER.inddIf you’ve read the book Jew Face, please click this link and rate it in Goodreads.
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Holland’s Sports Heroes

anedflagDon’t look now but one week into the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, Holland leads in the overall medal count.  Lead by their usual elite performances in speed skating, the Dutch sit on top of the pack halfway through the games.  Who knows how long it lasts, but for now I’m one of many proud of what the teams from the Netherlands has achieved to this point.  Keep it up and good luck the rest of the way!

What is Love?

At the risk of immodesty, I just reread this and personally consider it one of the best things I’ve ever written and perfect for Valentine’s Day

Holland's Heroes

00000007 When you title an article with a question so important to so many people, you run the risk of creating the expectation that you may actually have the answer to that question.  To be fair, I am not sure I can answer it accurately having a somewhat questionable track record of my own, but I can say unequivocally that even if I am not successful in conveying in words what love is, I can say that I did have one great advantage.  In my life I had the benefit of witnessing true love.

Those of you who have read the book “Jew Face” are well aware that my characterization of the good people in the book only deals with positive aspects of their personality.  I do this purposely in order to make a clear distinction between good and evil during a time when good and evil was so pronounced and…

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Snowy DumbBlasio

NYC-Democratic-mayoral-candidate-Bill-de-Blasio-FacebookAs a Liberal Democrat I would certainly not be first in line to attack a New York City mayor who portrays himself as a progressive concerned about all of  his city’s citizens, but after what I saw today I feel compelled to express my  very negative opinion of his performance.

The decision made by Mayor Bill de Blasio to keep the schools open was just plain dumb.  The argument made in the press conference, a press conference tightly controlled by the mayor, was that public schools remained open because of a protocol that was followed, discussions between officials, and a strong reluctance to close the schools that was backed up by the small number of instances in which they were actually closed over the years.

Be that as it may, it was apparent to almost everyone watching this morning that the conditions were so hazardous that this decision was reckless and irresponsible.  Maybe the mayor and his officials will get lucky and no ones gets seriously hurt or ill as a result, but that doesn’t make the decision a good one.  If on one side you tell people to stay home unless they need to go out, then how do you mandate that children need to go out to attend school?  It makes no sense and was a display of poor judgment that should concern the citizens of New York immensely.  It also destroys the credibility you need when you ask a populous to stay home, something I believe the newly elected mayor knew by the way he was jumping in first to answer questions in the press conference that were not directed his way.  It looked a lot like someone who told his staff,  ‘if the questions get challenging let me take the lead’.

As a Liberal Democrat I had some degree of enthusiasm at the prospect of a liberally progressive mayor taking over in New York City.  Today’s stupidity doesn’t have to mean we won’t witness exciting and positive developments for the city, but if future important decisions are made with the same recklessness, the problems it will cause will outweigh any progress.

Interview with the Author of Jew Face



What Sets this Book Apart and My Pride as a Son



With countless books having been written about the Holocaust, the obvious and fair question is, what sets the book Jew Face apart from the others?  Well, I make no claims to being objective since I wrote the book, but having spoken with many people who have read it, what makes this book different is two factors.  Firstly, it is very much a love story. One I am very pleased to have written since it resulted in my 4 siblings and myself being here.   Despite the natural difficulties I as a son ran into when trying to tell the story of my parents romance, I am told I got the message across in a way that leaves no doubt to the love that was formed in the most horrific of times.  Secondly, I believed it important, even appropriate to write a book that made you feel good on some levels.  I made absolutely sure to do honor to the blessing of the 6 million Jews murdered by Hitler and his Nazi henchmen, while realizing that the reality of the outcome for my parents, albeit it filled with tragedy and loss, was one of the truly happier endings to come out of the time of the Holocaust.

In this very important and increasingly frightening time, maybe telling the story that shows how ultimately as a people we were not defeated provides more strength to combat a growing evil, and to show another side of the humanity that resulted from one of the most horrible times in human history.  6 million Jews as well as millions others were murdered, and their sacrifice and blessing will live on forever and we must never allow our enemies to succeed in denying this atrocity in human history did take place. However in many ways, those  who survived are as important as any group of people in our history, for at a time when one evil man created a movement that killed more Jews than any time in history, a group survived and endured.  I am proud to be the son of two of those very special people, who not only survived, but helped our people survive.

Holocaust Remembrance is more than a Facebook post

20140204_164102 (1)Help me tell my mother and father’s story of survival.  I CHALLENGE PEOPLE TO DO MORE THAN JUST POST TO EACH OTHER IN A GROUP.  SHARE THIS ON YOUR PAGE AND SHOW PROOF THAT HITLER DID NOT WIN.  This picture, the one I originally posted yesterday February 4, 2014 is my mother Sipora Groen. During the Nazi occupation of the Netherlands, my mother lived through the murder of her fiance, her favorite cousin, her father, her only brother, and numerous other family and friends.   The story in the book “Jew Face: A story of love and heroism in Nazi occupied Holland” is the love story of my mother and father and how they both survived during the most horrific times and how together with God’s mercy, their incredible courage, help from the Dutch resistance and a Dutch couple whose righteousness reached the highest level, they lived to build a life.  If every one of you shares this on your page, the amount of people this will reach will continue to grow and besides increasing the awareness by showing another side of the Holocaust, we will all do something special for a 92 year old woman, my mother, who went through hell starting when she was only 19 years old but managed to come out, build a life with her husband, my father, and thank God in the best possible way.  By continuing to enjoy life.