Holocaust Remembrance is more than a Facebook post

20140204_164102 (1)Help me tell my mother and father’s story of survival.  I CHALLENGE PEOPLE TO DO MORE THAN JUST POST TO EACH OTHER IN A GROUP.  SHARE THIS ON YOUR PAGE AND SHOW PROOF THAT HITLER DID NOT WIN.  This picture, the one I originally posted yesterday February 4, 2014 is my mother Sipora Groen. During the Nazi occupation of the Netherlands, my mother lived through the murder of her fiance, her favorite cousin, her father, her only brother, and numerous other family and friends.   The story in the book “Jew Face: A story of love and heroism in Nazi occupied Holland” is the love story of my mother and father and how they both survived during the most horrific times and how together with God’s mercy, their incredible courage, help from the Dutch resistance and a Dutch couple whose righteousness reached the highest level, they lived to build a life.  If every one of you shares this on your page, the amount of people this will reach will continue to grow and besides increasing the awareness by showing another side of the Holocaust, we will all do something special for a 92 year old woman, my mother, who went through hell starting when she was only 19 years old but managed to come out, build a life with her husband, my father, and thank God in the best possible way.  By continuing to enjoy life.

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