Is Never Again Here?

swedeA friend recently brought this story out of Sweden to my attention, referring to it as a “Spiritual Holocaust”.  This is my response and why I agree with this statement and its importance to the Jewish people worldwide.

Jews have been victims of various types of holocausts throughout their history.  For obvious reasons the most commonly spoken of holocaust, the one referred to as “The Holocaust” was the one perpetuated by the Nazis against the Jewish people.  However, some reports have even indicated that Stalin came close or maybe even surpassed Hitler in Jewish extermination.  Jews were wiped out in the pogroms, they were massacred by Christians during the crusades, and by Muslims throughout the ages.  Holocausts take on different forms.  Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu is fighting today to avoid a Holocaust that would take mere minutes to happen and slaughter millions of Jews.  We need to learn from the past but not get stuck in the past.  The actions of the future do not always mirror the past.  We’ve never had a powerful Jewish government concerned about the well-being and safety of Jews worldwide and with a military designed to protect them.  But make no mistake.  This story out of Sweden is very telling.  In 1976 I visited Malmo, Sweden and was struck by the tolerance and warmth of the people.  Today Malmo is famous for its anti-Semitism.  Some anti-Semites base their prejudice on ideology, while others base it on fear.  To make a statement that they don’t want multiculturalism when their hatred for Jews is rooted in their fear of the rising Muslim culture in their society is nothing but cowardice and hypocrisy.  This is how it starts, and when you read the history of “The Holocaust” it does not begin with the murder of the first Jew, it begins with the formation of the structure and environment that lead to the murder of 6 millions Jews.  If you wait to apply “Never Again” to when the killing starts, you may have already lost.

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