A Blessing of Hope and Peace

rosh-hashanahAs Rosh Hashana, the Jewish New Year approaches, I find it increasingly important to focus on the positive.  I am not naive to the world we live in and realize that the world has more problems than at any point in my lifetime.  However, with that said, it would be easy to sit down and write critical negative comments.  After all, that is what so many do nowadays.  One can even say it’s the fad.  But today on the Eve of the New Year I have decided to do otherwise.  Instead I wish to become more humble, realizing that now more than any other time of year it is important to understand that only God makes true judgments, and that we are all equal in his eyes.

I also wish to urge us all to pray with a feeling of hope and faith in the future.  Our souls, our family and friends, our communities, our nations and our world have never needed it more.  Maybe if we realize we do not have all the answers we will turn to God to find the correct answers.

Wishing everyone a happy, healthy and peaceful New Year and hoping that God bestows blessing on the entire world.

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