A Woman of Valor

Bar-Refaeli-1As a follow up to my post attacking the self-serving, hypocritical, anti-Semite Roger Waters, I present to you this post about a person who is everything he is not.  The great and I say this with conviction, the great Bar Rafaeli.  All of us who appreciate the beauty of a woman have already been fans to some extent of this stunningly sexy and beautiful model, but God given looks are not enough to make a person great.  One’s greatness comes with what they do with what they have.  I do not know Bar Rafaeli, so unless the good Lord decides I’ve done something so right in my life that I do actually get to meet her one day, all I have to go by is what I read and hear.

As a Jew I am tremendously proud of how Bar Rafaeli has represented herself to the general public in defense of the honor of Israel, the Jewish state.  In declaring to the world that she wants her image removed from Roger Waters show due to his call to boycott Israel, she is showing herself to be someone with great integrity, honor, and courage.  She is showing the world that she is something very special and something traditionally every Jewish woman strives to be.  She is a Woman of Valor.  It is easy to stay quiet.  It is sometimes even better for business.  Bar Rafaeli has shown character and strength in defending her people and her land.  As far as I am concerned she can represent the Jewish people any time and as a Jew, I thank her.

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