This is My America

Diamondbacks Yankees BaseballTo all those who hate America, disrespect America, under appreciate America, and betray America, my statement to you is a very strong one.  We are not only the greatest country in the world but very possibly the greatest country the world has ever known.  I am a very proud Jew.  I love Israel.  I am very proud of my Dutch background.  I love Holland.  I spent formative years in England and many of my closest friends are British.  I love London.  But America is the pillar on which civilization stands and the strongest line of defense against evil and brutality today.  My America is a nation that stands together and fights the forces that want to destroy civilization.  Ultimately there is no Blue State or Red State, Conservative or Liberal, Democrat or Republican. There is only the United States of America.  The greatest country on earth.  I say this with a loud and proud voice and with no apologies or inhibition.  This is my America.

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