Getting Satisfaction from Rock Legends

stonesIn a world where we find the time to get offended by the rantings of a fictional depraved talking Teddy bear, stories like this one do not seem to get the attention they deserve.  The Rolling Stones, 4 men who actually can influence people of common sense and intelligence with their music and image, defied the anti-Semites and hypocrites who put pressure on them to cancel their Israel tour celebrating Israel’s 65th Birthday. Rather than give in to the bullying, the Stones showed character and wisdom by not only refusing to cancel the tour, but by actually adding one extra day.   Mick Jagger, possibly the greatest front man for a rock group of all time was quoted as saying, ““We’ve been slammed and smacked and twittered a lot by the anti-Israeli side. “All I can say is: anything worth doing is worth overdoing. So we decided to add a concert on Tuesday.”  Are you paying attention Roger Waters?  This is what true character and wisdom looks like.

I’ve always loved the Stones, calling them my second favorite band of all time after the Beatles.  Not only does this make me like them even more, it makes me want to save my money in case they ever come through New York to perform another concert.  I had the great experience of seeing them live at Shea Stadium in 1989, and would be very happy to spend my money to see them again.

Thank you Mick, Keith, Charlie, and Ron.  I am very proud to call myself a fan of four genuine, decent, and immensely talented artists.  You do Rock music and all it is meant to stand for proud.

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