A Yom Kippur Blessing

It is easy to pray on Yom Kippur when times are rough.  When you desperately need things in your life and you feel nothing is going your way, an argument can be made that the only thing left to do is pray.  So what does one do when they take an accounting of their year and their life and see good things happening?  How does one approach the Day of Atonement.  If one is selfless enough it is easy to look at those who have suffered and are suffering and feel that strong need to pray on their behalf  and ask God to provide them with a better year ahead.  However, on a personal level if one still has trouble finding in their heart and soul that which would motivate them there is one word that should help any and all of us find that motivation.  The word is humility.  Believing and subsequently understanding that the good things bestowed upon us are gifts from God allows us to approach the holiday in the right frame of mind.  It drives us to thank God for all we’ve received, plead to God to forgive us for all we’ve done wrong, and ask God to provide for us in the year ahead.

I wish all of you a very happy, healthy, and prosperous year.

3 responses to “A Yom Kippur Blessing

  • JeffreyR. Epstein "brkrboy"

    Couldn’t agree more with what you have stated about Yom Kippur. And in fact I was on both sides of that Yom Kippur message. In fact some good things happened to me right afer Yom Kippur last week. You were right about it being the right thing to come to the services, even though I always do as it is a part of my life, & the way I was brought up, & it is just the right thing to do. Many people are so curious about why I go to services, even my wife, & sometimes I can’t really give them an explanation except to tell them it is what I do for myself & believe it or not for others. In this day & age someone & I wish everyone has to keep the “faith” & I mean that in more ways than one! I didn’t get to speak to you after the services that much as I had to rush out & go to my sister in laws for her break fast extravaganza. Both were great. Stay in touch. All the Best & of course Shana Tovah!

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