An Author’s Thank You

There are times when posting on the website is more difficult than others.  It isn’t what I would call writer’s block, but it is caused by an inability to find a specific topic that is inspiring me enough to write about or even do research on it.  Today being one of those days I just sat back, cleared my mind, and asked myself what I was truly feeling.  The word came to me quickly.  Gratitude.

I have discovered that a book that is only in its fourth month is in many ways and in most cases still in its infancy.  It is impossible to determine what level of success it will reach.  That of course is a good thing seeing as 4 months in no one would want to see their creation’s growth hitting a brick wall.  I have said from the start that there are different levels of success the book could reach.  What I want to briefly speak of now is the level it has reached till now, and to thank those who have helped or shown appreciation in ways that have meant so much to me.

When I speak of the book to others I generally refer to it as “my book”.  When I speak of it with my family, I generally refer to it as “the book” or “our book”.  That is because a book such as this one that takes us back to our origins and documents where we came from does not belong to only me it belongs to my entire family.   And that means whoever wants to hop on board, since those origins are not exclusive to a limited few.  The families that have emerged are numerous and I welcome anyone connected to join in and feel the connection.  Whether it was a nephew who stated that he loved learning things about where he came from, or a relative who read the book twice to gain insight on the people in the book she knew or had known in person, the reactions of family who felt a greater connection to the family as a result of the book has meant so much to me.

The support of my family as a whole has been tremendous, and actions such as helping post a YouTube video or pushing sales in a place of employment such as a Japanese restaurant, or setting up speaking engagements has helped push this book to what appears to be the next level of success.

I have heard people say they cried when they read it, felt inspired by it, and think of it when they were down as a reminder that their life was not all that bad.  People have shown me that it has struck a chord and impacted them in positive ways.  And to all those who have expressed that, to you I say I thank you.  Your words mean everything to me for they reinforce for me that what I have done here has true meaning.

From the warmest of welcomes from a synagogue in Philadelphia, to the graphic artist who helped me create a bookmark, to the friend who interviewed me for his radio program, and the generous and kind woman who wants to set up a book signing for me in New York, I say, thank you.

There are so many people whose expressions and actions have been meaningful that I chose to leave out names.  I thank all of you and want you to realize how special you have made this experience for me so far.  Maybe most of all I thank my mother for being part of the process with me, or even better, going back to how the story began, allowing all of us to be part of the process with her.

I have learned that although only one person writes a book, it is the people who appreciate it and value it that give it its true meaning and life.  And to all of you I say thank you.

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