Never Again!!

I admit I am trying to sell a book on this website, but in doing so I’ve become very aware of the need to make sure people never forget what the Jewish people went through under Nazi occupation.  Today’s terror attack is a powerful and sad reminder of how important this mission has become. An attack most likely orchestrated by Iran, a nation whose president leads the world in Holocaust denial, today’s bus explosion in Bulgaria shows what people who have no value for human life, specifically Jewish life, are capable of doing.  The same mentality that existed during Hitler’s Germany today exists in the radical Muslim world.  Make no mistake.  Today’s attack was not merely and anti-Zionist activity.  It was an attack on Jews by people who want the same thing the Nazis wanted, the annihilation of the Jewish people worldwide.  We must never forget, because in remembering we can clearly identify when we see it again, as we did today.

2 responses to “Never Again!!

  • Carole M. Di Tosti (@mercedeskat45)

    Is it true that the Danish royalty stood by the Jewish people and when it was demanded that the Jews in Denmark wear the yellow star, all the Danish wore yellow stars, including royalty? That is a children’s book that I taught in my classes when I taught the Holocaust. Would like to verify the truth of it. Have to check Google…and other places.

  • davidgroen1

    When the Nazis ordered all Jews in Denmark to wear the Jewish star, King Christian X put one on and wore it in solidarity. Thousands of Danes followed suit. It’s a well known truth and one Denmark should be very proud of.

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