What’s good about this book?

Having written this book, I am always slightly skeptical of those who compliment me directly after reading it.  It’s not that I question the integrity of these people, nor do I doubt that the book is a good read, it’s merely the fact that I would never expect someone to look me straight in the face and say something bad about the book. Most people just won’t do that.  So when people tell other people they like the book and they tell me why, that element of doubt is eliminated.

This is what I have been hearing.  People can’t put the book down.  I’ve heard it is a moving story, told in an easy to read, enjoyable fashion.  Many have read it in 1 or 2 sittings and complained slightly that there was not more they could read about the characters in the book.  Some have been educated by it, others inspired.  Either way the result is a good one.

Now here are some basic things I wanted to accomplish in my writing of the book.  First and foremost I made sure to never lose sight of the horrors that took place.  Although this particular story has a feel good element to it, I made sure to give a real account of the suffering, fear, and loss of life inflicted on the Jewish people.

The next thing I felt was critical was to clearly show the greatness of the te Kieftes.  For those of you who do not know, the te Kieftes were the family that hid my mother for almost a year and a half despite the risk to their own life.  I’ve been told that I accomplished my goal regarding them.

The next critical element for me was to make this a story of good against evil and make the distinction very clear.  I did this by not expanding on the personalities of the good people.  The evil were the Nazis or any collaborators of the Nazis.  Anyone else was good.  Every single one of these good people had flaws.  This was not a book about their flaws and therefore was not part of the book.  This was important to me and something I accomplished so well that some have commented on how the good people seemed almost too perfect.  Fine with me. Compared to the Nazi animals these people were perfect.

Lastly, I wanted to speak of the love between my mother and father.  The interesting thing I discovered was that everyone has a different standard when it comes to love stories.  So for some it was very much a love story, while for others even more of a love story would have been acceptable.  Either way, when people finish the book they realize the love that was there.

Just one more point I would like to make.  Even with that slight element of skepticism I have for direct compliments, I still do like and appreciate them.  I tried to create something important here and any affirmation of that makes it slightly more successful.  So for those of you who have spoken well of the book, thank you very much and tell your friends.  In the meantime, happy reading to you all.

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