Israel, parade, and traitors

The most important thing to strike me about this video of the 2011 Israel Day Parade in NY City is that it is one more piece of evidence that Hitler did not win.  However, a word of caution, particularly to the traitors who call themselves Jews while protesting against the State of Israel.  Any would be Hitler who would arise today will try to kill you just as certainly as he would the rest of us.  Chances are he would just use you first in the persecution and murder of your fellow Jew.  And for you I offer a quote from the Foreward in my book written by my father of blessed memory. “We may in the course of it meet people who, for whatever it’s worth, may be portrayed as heroes, while others are cowards, pacifists, or activists.  They are all the products of mankind.   For them, there will always be a place under the sun (with the exception of the traitor).

True Jews and true friends of Jews understand that with all the people trying to bring about our destruction, on some basic issues we must stand together.  First and foremost is the security of the State of Israel.  If you don’t support it, keep your mouth shut rather than take action that supports our enemies.  Tomorrow, June 3, 2012 is this year’s Israel Day Parade in New York.  I can only hope the traitors stay home this year.

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