A recent review of the book

The following review from Beverly is beautifully written and very much appreciated. The person she is referring to as “Oma” is the woman on the cover, Sipora Groen.

The book (story) was just wonderful even in a sad way too. My friends want to read it now. It was such an interesting & fascinating love story during a horrific time. I thought I knew a lot before I read the book, but I didn’t know 1/2 of it. As I said, your parents were so courageous. Oma was a beautiful young girl who turned into a beautiful, wonderful woman. I’m so proud of you. What a legacy for their children, grandchildren, greatgrandchildren, etc. & to Never Forget. I hope word gets out all over about this story & the book sells well. People know about the Holocaust, have read books, seen movies, etc., but this would truly bring it into a better perspective from survivors, esp. the son of a survior. Good luck on the book David. It was truly amazing.

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