Do we forgive Germany?

It goes without saying that there is no forgiving Hitler’s Nazi Germany for the atrocities they committed against mankind.  At one point in writing the book “Jew Face” I went to the library and took out 3 books about Auschwitz and other concentration and death camps.  I did this in order to get an even stronger awareness of what took place so that in my writing I would give the proper respect and attention to the Holocaust perpetuated on the Jewish people.  Even though the book does not focus on this aspect, I believe I accomplished that goal.

The question I present is this. Do we forgive Germany today?  Today’s modern Germany is progressive, tolerant, and in many ways more friendly with Israel and the Jewish people than many other nations.  I have not been there, but it has been told to me by many that this generation is not only accepting but apologetic and that they do not hide or avoid the truth.  Nevertheless, the horrors committed by this one nation were so great that an argument can be made that forgiveness is never in order.  I would love to know what you think, but for those who wish to respond without a comment I am adding a poll.

6 responses to “Do we forgive Germany?

  • allie

    Forgive Germany is almost too strong a statement to make. You never forgive them for what happened. It is inpossible to forgive the horrors that the Germans of then committed on our people. In the same truth though it is possible to recognize that most of those alive in today’s Germany did not commit these crimes and if they in fact abhor them as we do, then we hold Germany accountable, never forget, never forgive but recognize that the Germans of today are not those of 1942.

    • TANYA

      I understand what you are saying Allie, but I have always been left to wonder if the Germans of today are really repentant and against what their fathers did or do they just spout things that they think the world wants to hear and Heil Hitler behind closed doors? I don’t know the truth of this but as long as I cannot define an answer, I will not forgive nor can I if I wanted to.

  • davidgroen1

    Great response, thank you.


    If we are following Jewish law, no, we cannot forgive. Forgiveness is between the criminal and the victim. The criminal must ask the victim for forgiveness three times with sincerity. This is unlikely to occur since most are now dead and gone. We cannot offer forgiveness, that is the job of G-d. On a personal level, I can and will never forgive. My family, family I will never know, were murdered in cold blood by people who seemed to heartily enjoy their murderous games. If for one second I thought that the Nazi’s had an ounce of remorse I may consider some personal forgiveness, but I do not believe this is true. They enjoyed their work too much. We can forgive many things but this is something that is beyond all forms of forgiveness. It always will be and always should be.

    • davidgroen1

      I totally respect and understand your answer. All of what you said is accurate and I have no disagreement with any of it. My point to the statement is not that I ever believe we can forgive those animals who murdered so many of my people and so many others, but that today’s Germany is a very different country. Even with that being said I can understand and would never argue against someone saying they will never accept or forgive anything German. Thanks for your comments and please feel free to do so more often.

  • seth

    if you ask me Germany wasn’t the problem it was that blasted idiot Hitler’s fault for being a scum sucking brain washer not only did he create the Nazi organization he killed the jewish because of alternate religion how dare he shift the earthly friendship we have with each other and God Hitler himself is a giant sin

    I’m Seth Yarbrough a German/Native American and I approve this message

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