Bevrijdingsdag-Dutch Liberation Day:The Liberation of Amsterdam and a personal Thanks

In what would seem to be the most appropriate post to end the weekend tribute to Bevrijdinsdag, Dutch Liberation Day, I offer this video of the Liberation of Amsterdam.  Although the harsh realities of what took place during these 5 years of Nazi occupation would soon come to light for those who had survived, on this day the good people of Holland had every right to celebrate.  And that they did.  As the Jews of Holland would learn of the devastation that had struck their world, those left in Holland, such as Sipora Groen, my mother and the woman on the cover of the book Jew Face, would at least be able to try to rebuild in what was now a free and always had been a friendly Holland.  It is for this reason I take this opportunity to say on a personal note that although I am very proud of my Jewish roots, I am also very proud of my Dutch ones.  Thank you Holland and thank you to all of the Dutch people for doing whatever you could to turn tragedy into hope.  No nation deserved freedom more on that day and it has been my honor to celebrate it.

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