With the release of the book “Jew Face: A story of love and heroism in Nazi occupied Holland” scheduled for release on April 13, 2012, I will be putting up photographs daily that pertain to important events and stories from the book.  The book is the story of my parents, Nardus and Sipora Groen mainly during the period  between 1940-1945.   Today’s picture is of the “NIZ” (Nederlandse Israelitsche Ziekenhuis ) which was the main Jewish Hospital in Holland up until the Nazi occupation.  When looking at the photograph, take note on the left side of the building where it says “Zusterhuis”.  This was the nurses quarters and is of significant importance in the book’s Prologue and in future chapters.


One response to “A TASTE OF THE BOOK

  • Hetty de Roode de Jong

    This is a message for David Groen
    Dear David. I suppose that I’.m allowed to use your first name. Let me introduce myself. I.m Hetty ( de Roode ) – de Jong, the sister of Hans de Jong mentioned in your book about Sipora and Nardus . I was the youngest child of the happy fam. de Jong consisting of my parents, four brothers and my sister Hanna. They all have been murdered in the war ; I.m the only survivor. I.m 81 years old now and still in a good health. I have many wonderful memories of the time that Sippy was almost a member of our family.
    Almost 40 years after the war we met each other again and that was very special to me.Don’t forget : she was one of the few persons and nowadays perhaps the only one that had known my family !!
    During the time that Sippy and Nardus lived in Holland my husband and me had several meetings with them. The men discussed about several things especially the bible and Sippy and me were talking about the past.
    I read on internet that perhaps there will be made a Dutch translation of your book. Of course i’m very interested in that fact.
    I think it very special that thanks to your brothet Marcel the book has been offered to your president Obama.
    Please. excuse my English: my Dutch is better!!
    With many regards.
    Hetty de Roode- de Jong

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