Good against Evil

All human beings are flawed.  The average normal human being will have flaws ranging from minimal to unbearable.  However, most of them will be decent people.  Even with their flaws.  This is a philosophy I used as a guideline in the writing of my book,  “Jew Face:  A story of love and heroism in Nazi occupied Holland”. Not only did I not focus on the flaws of the average person, I hardly ever came close to describing them.  For in this book there is one clear evil, and that is anyone who supported or participated in the Nazi effort to systematically eliminate the Jewish people.  Everyone else, for lack of a better word, was good.  When evil is so distinctive, what is left can easily be classified as good.   And in reality, failed marriages, family arguments, lost friendships, are all results of decent people doing or being the recipient of, mistakes or misunderstandings.  But the evil perpetuated by the Nazis and their sympathizers during the reign of Hitler’s Germany has no justification.  And in the book I make that distinction clear.  Not only do I hope to increase awareness of what took place, maybe I can also help people keep things in perspective by revealing these evils from a different angle.

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