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Is it Immoral if they think they are Right?

Hamas-supporters-via-AFPQuick answer: morality in our eyes is not subjective, so therefore there is a clear distinction between right and wrong.  During a recent conversation with my brother regarding the ongoing hostilities between Israel and Hamas in Gaza, my brother made a statement that for me summed up the current situation as well as any statement  I’ve heard or read till now.  “Those who are attempting to keep a scorecard between Israel and Hamas have lost their moral compass.” He went on to say, “no country on earth should have to live under a constant barrage of missiles.”  Although I agreed with him 100%, there was one aspect of the conversation that gnawed at my brain the remainder of the day.  What exactly is morality?

1-a particular system of values and principles of conduct, especially one held by a specified person or society

2-the extent to which an action is right or wrong.

So yes, to many of us who will read this, there is no question that the actions of our enemies is wrong, therefore immoral.  I’ll go as far as to say that the leadership that leads their people in these acts of aggression and terrorism also know that their actions are immoral and wrong.  But people do what is wrong for personal gain every day in all parts of the world.  The problem is, the one I consider to be the biggest problem facing us, is not in the leadership and their mentality.  They could be eliminated much easier than the loyal followers they have created.  The problem lies in the indoctrination of the masses and the fact that they have rallied around a manipulation of philosophies within Islam to influences millions towards a different morality.  They have not actually lost their moral compass, they have done something far more sinister.  They’ve reinvented it.

All parties that want a solution agree that a re-education is needed.  What many do not agree on is how to conduct and start that re-education.  But if we do not accept that this different morality exists and search for answers, we may be completely overrun by it with very tragic results.

A Kidnapper only a Mother could love

suspectsThe old saying, “it’s a world gone mad” has taken on a new meaning.  We now live in a world where mothers can be proud of their sons for kidnapping without the world showing outrage.  Let’s look at this objectively.  If an Israeli missile kills civilians being used as a human shield by terrorists, the world now calls it genocide.  But when 3 young students, yes students, not soldiers, not terrorists, not “freedom fighters”,  students, get abducted for merely being Jewish, the mother of one of the suspects can speak of her son glowingly for his crime.  When asked about her sons suspected involvement in the kidnapping, the mother of Amer Abu Aysha said that “if her son did take part in the kidnapping, she was proud of him and hoped he would continue to evade capture, both by Israeli and Palestinian Authority security forces.”
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Are people so scared that they dare not speak, or has the world plummeted that far into a moral abyss?  Once again I ask the hypocritical anti-Semites masquerading as human rights activists, where is your loud voice now?  Or will this be one more example of how you only care about the lives you give value to?  Jewish lives are clearly not included.

Bring Back our Boys!

Breaking News: Malaysia Flight 370 tells us we’re not as smart as we think we are

missing-malaysia-flight-370-plane-may-have-flown-into-indian-ocean-lead12 days have passed with 26 countries searching, billions of dollars being spent, and all sorts of resources being used, such as military and space technology, and still no sign of Malaysia flight 370.  Everyone has a theory, and of course we have all sorts of experts chiming in, but the reality is that we do not know where this plane is or has been since it disappeared.

There’s a trust factor we all try to have when listening to law enforcement officials.  After all, with their extensive experience and immense responsibility, if they are saying something publicly, it must be based in truth and reality, right?  The post 9/11 world has seen security precautions never before seen.  Nevertheless we find out that there were two passengers, Iranians no less, on the plane with stolen passports.  Thankfully, through the infinite wisdom of experts and security personnel, we’ve been assured that those two passengers were definitely not terrorists.  After all, Iranians with stolen passports are the last people you’d consider terror suspect, right?

We know the plane took a sharp left turn before it vanished off the screen.  Well I feel better.  Thank goodness our developed technology can show us that much, right?  Maybe I’m being unfair.  After all they have been able to narrow the search down to an area of a little smaller than the continental United States.  Also of great relief is the fact that so many intelligence officials think it is more logical that the plane is in the ocean than on land.  Sarcasm aside, when someone can’t find something, and says it is definitely not in a particular place, unless it is somewhere they never go, I always ask the same question.   If you have no idea where it is, how can you be so sure where it isn’t?

The whole point I am trying to make is that any uneasy feeling anyone is feeling right now is more than justified because of what we now know that most of us lay people did not know 12 days ago.  First of all we know that we can indeed lose a commercial airliner.  We know that a plane can fly long distances without being detected by flying below the radar.  We think we know there was foul play, which either means that Malaysia’s security is highly suspect, or that their airline had at least one crew member very organized and ready to commit an act of terror or mass suicide.  We know that passports can get stolen, reported and still used to board an international flight.   Most of all we know that with all our experts and costly intelligence and security mechanisms, we are just not as smart as we thought we were.

I would say we also learned that we are not all that safe no matter where we are, but I think most of us probably already knew that.  Even without the experts telling us.