Meet Mustafa Barghouti:Palestinian Activist and Liar

barghoutAfter watching Mustafa Barghouti, General Secretary of the Palestinian Initiative being interviewed by Brett Baier of FOX News, I found myself somewhat sickened by the distortion of the facts by this man who calls himself a Palestinian activist.  If this man is truly working for his people, how come he is so comfortable spewing out lies that drive his people to war.  I believe the answer lies in his own personal ambition for fortune and power.

The cynical way he lied to the camera, speaking of Hamas as though they were a legitimate partner in peace indeed tells a more tragic story.  Neither Hamas nor the Palestinian Authority  are legitimate partners in peace.  He looked straight at the camera, fully aware that Israel has done everything its power to minimize civilian casualties, and declared that Israel is targeting women and children.  The hypocrisy of his preaching a non-violent resistance while lying so blatantly and supporting Hamas in Gaza should be obvious to most.  There’s just one problem.  There is a saying, “if he had brains he’d be dangerous.”  What we see here is  a man who has brains and is indeed very dangerous.  As he looks into the camera and tells lies about Israel’s intentions and who is to blame for this conflict, he does so in a convincing and eloquent manner, allowing those who wish to believe the lies the opportunity they are looking for.

As we know, lies are being told about Israel every day while Hamas hides in schools and hospitals, but the problem becomes when someone like Barghouti tells these lies, and does so over and over, they become believable to far too many people.  And that is one battle in the war we will have serious problems overcoming.  Especially since it is one we will not fight the same way.

Hollow demands

UN-Secretary-General-Ban-Ki-moonIn comparison to previous crises involving Israel, the United Nations has behaved in a somewhat less one-sided way over the past few weeks.  The same can be said for the American President Barack Obama.  The support of the administration has been there as has the support of Congress and the American people.  However, at the end of the day the government of the State of Israel is committed to a specific result.  That result is the establishment of a peaceful life for all residents of Israel free of Hamas missiles and terror attacks.  Heroic soldiers of the Israeli Defense Forces have made the ultimate sacrifice in the early stages of Operation Protective Edge and I am certain that the leaders of Israel’s government have no intention of allowing their lives to be lost for nothing.  In making demands that the fighting stops, the United Nations and President Obama are making demands that have no substance.  If we were to assume that the motivation was purely to put a stop to the deaths of innocent people, the demands contradict the motive.  The only way innocent people in Gaza and Israel will live in peace is by destroying, or at the very least incapacitating Hamas.

Furthermore, by what authority does anyone makes demands from Israel when it comes to protecting their people?  If your best friend demanded you not protect your family so as to not harm others, would you listen?  No.  You would protect your family.  You would also realize that  any true friend, or at least a friend with good judgment would never ask that of you in the first place.  The reaction you must have in such an instance is a simple one.  You continue to do what is best for your family.

This for all intents and purposes is what I suspect will be Israel’s response to what I see as nothing more than hollow demands.

All Good People are Welcome

is2One of the loudest ovations at the Pro-Israel rally in Times Square yesterday July 20, 2014, was for none other than a Palestinian man.  When the man took the microphone and shouted the words, “I am a Palestinian.  I love Israel and I hate Hamas”, the crowd erupted.  To all those who call Israel an Apartheid state I present this challenge.  Find me one none-white individual who ever said they love South Africa during the reign of Apartheid.  And then find me an instance of a crowd gathering in support of South Africa’s government of that era that welcomed a person of color with love and support as this man was yesterday. You won’t find it.  It’s very simple.  Those who want to live in peace are welcome and will be treated like everyone else.  Sure there are people in any group that have an indestructible hate in their heart, but as a general rule this is the morality we live by.  A morality of which we can and should all be proud.

To the Good of the World: Don’t Be Afraid Be Strong

111My 92 year old mother, Holocaust survivor from Holland, thinks today reminds her of 1938. But today in Times Square, with thousands of fellow supporters of Israel, and knowing the efforts and sacrifices Israel is making for all of us, I maintain it is very different from 1938. I say we all fight in whatever way we can. The greatest fighters fight for us in the IDF and in the military forces of the United States and all civilized nations, but you can also fight through social media, through comforting your fellow Jews, and through general acts of goodness and kindness in the name of combating the evil in the world. Do not put your head in the sand people. Realize what is going on. But instead of being scared, be strong. Realize that our faith is what brought us this far and why we survive when empires fall. That is why they hate us. Because they know they can hurt us, but not destroy us. So I encourage you all, replace your fear with determination, turn to the good people you know for support, and make this a battle unlike any the Jews have ever fought. AHL SOMAYCH AHL HANAYS is Hebrew for “Don’t rely on a miracle.” And that is exactly the approach we must have. Don’t wait for miracles. Make them happen.

A Day of Unity and Support

Israel wants peace; Hama’s wants war! This was the rallying cry today at a pro-Israel rally in Times Square.  What was being called a rally of 3 thousand people but was probably closer to 10 thousand made sure that the message was loud and clear. Israel wants peace!! Hamas wants war! I was proud to be there.


Supporting Israel in Times Square


An Ironic Misuse of Democracy

APTOPIX-France-Gaza-P_Druk-1024x682After the civil disturbances of last weekend, the French government banned all public forms of protest this weekend in support of the Palestinians in Gaza.  The bans resulted in Muslim residents and politicians crying foul, claiming this was a smear on France’s Democracy and against everything the democratic process stands for.  What is their demand?  One riddled with irony.  They claim to want the Palestinians in Gaza to live in peace and freedom under their current government.  Just one problem they conveniently forget.  Their government is run by Hamas, a terror organization that is anything but democratic.

The irony is glaring.  In democracies all over the world protestors are shouting angrily against the “Zionist entity’s aggression” against the people of Gaza.  An aggression that is a response to the constant barrage of missiles from Hamas.  Missiles bought with the money donated to Gaza to help the people.  Money donated to the most non-democratic tyrannical government one could find.  A government that will hurt anyone that opposes them from within and that does not allow any other party to rise within its territory. THIS is the government that protestors are using the luxuries of democracies platforms all over the world from which to shout “Free Palestine”.  They just have no clue what exactly they are freeing them from and more importantly, what they are freeing them to.  There is only one democracy in the entire Arab world, and that country considered the Arab world’s one democracy is Turkey.  A democracy with a government doing everything possible to put a stranglehold on the system to eliminate any other party.  The only real democracy in the entire region is the so-called oppressor, Israel.

So next time you hear a Palestinian supporter shout “Free Palestine” ask them the following question.  Free them to do what?  To be ruled by terrorist and tyrants?  Most if not all will have no other answer other than, “free them from the Zionist pigs”.  They have clarity when it comes to their hate, but little sense as to how to truly better the lives of the people they claim to care about, while using the comfort of democracy to shout merely for the sake of shouting.  The most ironic part of this whole thing is that at least for now the people they are hurting the most are the people they claim to want to help.


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